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You can attract droves of customers to your ecommerce brand. And elevate the customer experience to keep all shoppers coming back for more (at the same time) . . . 

Yes, it’s true. There’s no need to choose one over the other. After all, you earn the most revenue from your existing customers. 

So, don’t get so caught up in gaining new shoppers that you don’t see your existing customers slipping out your digital backdoor. 

Create an exceptional customer experience to turn shoppers into “stick and stay” raving fans of your brand. 

Personalize your emails using automation and segmentation to send the right message at the right time in your customer’s journey. 

Discuss the issues that matter most to your customers concerning your products or services to show your authority and earn their trust. 

Focus your messaging on them (not your brand) and watch your revenue soar and retention increase.


Research driven

Research is the foundation of a well-crafted message to build relationships with your customers.

Targeted messaging

Sending the right message to your customers at the right time establishes your authority and strengthens relationships.

Increased Conversions

When you’ve established trust and built relationships with your customers, you set the stage for increased conversions.

What People Are Saying

Working with Robin is a breath of fresh air! I brought her in on a project and was thrilled to present the final product.

Not only was there thought and care in the email strategy Robin presented, but there was also true talent.

Robin is a gifted marketer, copywriter, and strategist, and you should hire her at your earliest opportunity.

Val Geisler

Chief Email Optimizer, Fix My Churn

Robin is a great communicator! I loved the emails that she put together for our campaign. They connect directly with the reader and are very engaging.

She was also very easy to work with throughout the project. I’d highly recommend Robin for your next project.

Christine Pajak

Associate Director, Students Run LA