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You need an exceptional customer experience to keep shoppers clicking buy now again and again

You can generate crazy good revenue for your eCommerce business without running a slew of costly Facebook and Instagram Ads.

Or blasting your list with tons of promo emails.

And the best news is the windfall of revenue is right under your nose. (On your email list)

Truth is — You’ll sell much more to your existing customers than to new shoppers.  

Need a stat? Check out this one from Gartner Group . . . 

“80 percent of your future profits will come from just twenty percent of your existing customers.”

Didya catch that last part? 👆🏽

Wondering what you should do to keep your loyal customers keying in credit card info?

Well for starters . . . 

You need engaging emails to grab and hold the interest of your shoppers. Send customer-focused emails.

(Talk to your customers, not at them.)

Shoppers don’t need another “all about us” brand tooting their own horn while not responding to their needs. 

No worries. That won’t be your brand’s story. 

I’m here to help you offer an exceptional customer experience . . . 

Hey, Robin here. I’m an email strategist and copywriter. And I work with eCommerce brands to help keep shoppers from slipping out of their digital back door. 

I discover what your customers need from you and help you give it to them.

An A+ customer experience makes know, like, and trust easy peasy lemon squeezy for your shoppers.

When you earn their trust, your loyal customers will spread the word. Then, profit-boosting goodness (aka even more sales) follow. 


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Working with Robin is a breath of fresh air! I brought her in on a project and was thrilled to present the final product.

Not only was there thought and care in the email strategy Robin presented, but there was also true talent.

Robin is a gifted marketer, copywriter, and strategist, and you should hire her at your earliest opportunity.

Val Geisler

Chief Email Optimizer, Fix My Churn

Robin is a great communicator! I loved the emails that she put together for our campaign. They connect directly with the reader and are very engaging.

She was also very easy to work with throughout the project. I’d highly recommend Robin for your next project.

Christine Pajak

Associate Director, Students Run LA