Boost your revenue by optimizing your email sequences

Essential Ecommerce Emails Audit™ gives you the insights needed to close the profit-stealing gaps in your email marketing strategy.

Product Description

Essential Ecommerce Emails Audit™

You’re up on all the stats, and you know you should get at least 30% of your revenue from email marketing. 


(Or maybe you do, but you realize there’s room for improvement.) 

 And you know there are gaps somewhere — the math simply isn’t “mathing.”  

The most likely reason is 👇🏾  

You’re not sending the right message at the right time throughout the customer lifecycle


Your Essential Ecommerce Email Audit™ can help you close those gaps. And set your brand up for a sustainable revenue bump.


This offer is not for you if:

→ You don’t have any customer research.

→ You don’t have a list of at least 1000 subscribers.

→ You don’t have any email sequences in place.


Here’s how it works . . .  

After payment, you will receive a brief form to fill out to get me up to speed on your business, customers, and email marketing campaigns. Also, I’ll need access to your email service provider and existing emails.


I go to work reviewing your research, checking out your email stats, and auditing the emails to identify opportunities for optimization. And I’ll do a thorough audit of up to 12 emails and one opt-in form or landing page of your choice.  

Then, you’ll receive my recommendations in a detailed report along with a video walkthrough in seven business days.  And you can schedule your 30-minute consultation to discuss the findings and next steps. 

Walk away with actionable insights to fine-tune your email messaging. And convert even more ideal customers plus retain your existing customer base

Get your audit now for only $997.

Working with Robin is a breath of fresh air! I brought her in on a project and was thrilled to present the final product.

Not only was there thought and care in the email strategy Robin presented but there was also true talent.

Robin is a gifted marketer, copywriter, and strategist, and you should hire her at your earliest opportunity.

Val Geisler

Chief Email Optimizer, Fix My Churn


If you’re not getting the conversions you need from your email marketing and you don’t know why . . .

I can help you.

Hey, Robin Crump hereI’m an email strategist and copywriter. And I work with eCommerce brands to help keep shoppers from slipping out of their digital back door. 

I discover what your customers need from you and help you give it to them.

An A+ customer experience makes know, like, and trust easy peasy lemon squeezy for your shoppers.

When you earn their trust, your loyal customers will spread the word. Then, profit-boosting goodness (aka even more sales) follows. 

Get your email audit now 

Product Details

Essential Ecommerce Emails Audit™

Here’s what you’ll receive:

⇨ Audit of up to 12 emails and one landing page or opt-in form of your choice

⇨ Thorough video walkthrough of each email and the landing page or opt-in form

⇨ Funnel map for one new email sequence outlining the email contents and cadence

⇨ Detailed report with my recommendations for optimizing your email sequences

30-minute consultation to discuss the findings and next steps

Turnaround: 7 business days

Robin is a great communicator! I loved the emails that she put together for our campaign. They connect directly with the reader and are very engaging.

She was also very easy to work with throughout the project. I’d highly recommend Robin for your next project.

Christine Pajak

Associate Director, Students Run LA