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Send engaging emails to your buyers and gain eye-popping sales numbers

Your email list (aside from its crazy good ROI generating potential) connects your business directly to your customers.

And the ridiculously cool factor?

You’re not at the mercy of algorithm changes diluting the reach of your message.⁠

You own your email list. So, use it wisely.

Put your customers first. (It’s that simple.)⁠

Your customer experience is not a one and done type of thing. It evolves. Be attentive to your customer’s needs.⁠

When you build authority and trust with your shoppers and humanize their overall experience with your brand, everyone wins.

And this is where I come in . . .

I write strategic email sequences to bring in even more revenue and offer valuable insights to keep customers on board.

Interested? If you’re nodding YES, the first step is the . . .


It all starts with a brief survey to find out about your business, your project, and the expected results. I’ll review your answers then respond to your inquiry. 

If we’re a good fit, you’ll get an email with a link to schedule your free 20-minute consultation. 

The consultation is where we’ll talk more about your needs and the scope of your project. (Get crystal clear.)

Then, we’ll discuss your budget for the project and my recommendations. When you choose to move forward [insert winky face emoji] . . . 

You’ll receive a proposal outlining the project details, client agreement, and an invoice. Upon payment of the invoice, your project begins.

How I work

I’ll send a welcome email with project kick-off details and a request for more deets about your business.

Next up? Let the research begin.

It’s time to deep dive into finding what shoppers need from your brand. I will review customer service requests, chat logs, and customer surveys.

Also, I’ll see what your audience says in online hangouts and check out your competitors. (Whatever it takes to identify what’s important to your customers.)

Why? So I can use the info to plan your sequences to help keep shoppers loyal to your brand.

With the details on deck, the planning, writing, and editing happen.

Then, we walk through your new emails and make revisions if necessary. After the final payment, I hand off the sequences to you for your team to set-up in your email service provider.

One month after the emails go-live is check-in time. We’ll look at the data for the sequences, and I will make any needed adjustments.

Also, I’ll provide options for us to continue working together.

Sound good?  Keep reading.

How I Can Help You

Email Audit

Not sure where to start? No worries. I’ll evaluate your existing messaging and chart a course for success.

Email Sequences

Welcome new customers, educate them, promote your services and much more.

Landing Pages

Get more leads with optimized landing pages designed to elicit emphatic clicks on your calls to action.

Copy Punch up

Liven up existing email or landing pages to build client relationships and increase conversions.

What People Are Saying

Working with Robin is a breath of fresh air! I brought her in on a project and was thrilled to present the final product.

Not only was there thought and care in the email strategy Robin presented, but there was also true talent.

Robin is a gifted marketer, copywriter, and strategist, and you should hire her at your earliest opportunity.

Val Geisler

Chief Email Optimizer, Fix My Churn

Robin was kind enough to offer her copywriting services to help get Email Markup Consortium’s sign-up flow up and running. 

She was extremely responsive and diligent in her brand research and provided a quick turnaround for our sign-up language, confirmation email, and welcome email. 

I look forward to working with her again in the future!

Megan Boshuyzen

Senior Email Developer, Mailgun by Sinch